Friday, 6 January 2017

save money with shopping on line ! menswear Burton

With it now being January money is tight but the sales are so inviting with the option to shop online from the comfort of home ( and still in PJ's ) i have been holding off from buying new clothes for myself or Chris until after Christmas to hit the sales, Chris is in need of some new clothes badly he has piles of jeans and t-shirts but hardly any smart clothes.

when i found it was perfect from offers like free delivery ( on £75 spend ) or free shoes with a suit it made my over all savings so much better then if i had gone into to store, so not only did i not have to get dressed to go sale shopping , I didn't spend anything on parking , Lunch out or any items i didn't need.

Christmas jumper was £25 now £7

Black polo was £12 now £8.40 

Grey mesh trainers was £25 now £10

light grey stretch slim fit Jeans was £35 now £20 

They have a huge range of clothes in the sale some 50% off and some items are even as much as 70% off i picked up an outfit and even a cheeky Christmas jumper to put away for next year for the bargain price of only £45.40 saving myself £51.60 so over 50% saving.

My favourite voucher codes hosts codes for 100's of stores and you could save yourself so much money! i always check with them before i buy anything online and 9 times out of 10 i will find a code i can use link this in with cash back as well and you could be saving your self a pretty penny.

Its not only shops you can save money on , Hotels, Airport parking and even Restaurant deals can all be found on the site. We are saving money for our holiday of a life time to Disney world i would be silly to not use sites likes these when they are free to use and open to anyone. All the money we save over the year we are going to put into a piggy bank for spending money once we get to Disney.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Go ahead - Perfect mum snacks for on the GO !

Being a mum is hard work I'm not going to lie it really is! when you first have your baby you look after yourself ( even more so if breast feeding ) I remember when i was breast feeding i was always eating ( To help with milk supply ill have you know ! ) But once your baby becomes a toddler you will find more often then not you are either sharing your food or forgetting to feed yourself all together, I always make sure i take snacks out for nearly five year old Bodhi but i never take anything for myself. until now that it ! When Go-Ahead got in touch wanting the snack range reviewing i knew it would be a perfect mum snack or mum breakfast on the go.

The range has something to suit all tastes and each smart snack also comes in a choice of flavours, From snacks i have tried before such as the yogurt breaks ( crispy biscuits with fruit fillings each slice coated in a layer of yogurt topping ) these come in strawberry,forest fruits,raspberry,cherry & also tropical the RRP is £1.99 for a pack of 5 ( each pack has 2 slices ) so if you do end up sharing it isn't so bad! these are great for taking out on the go or leaving a few packets in your desk as work for a little 11am pick me up.

Next we have the crispy slices, these are a lot like the yogurt breaks just without the yogurt! these are bigger pack sizes tho with x3 slices per pack and 5 packs in each box and a RRP of only £1.65 ! they also come in a huge range of flavours with apple, forest fruit, raspberry , orange , cherry , blueberry and also strawberry ! I've been enjoying these with a cup of tea after the morning school run.

fruity bakes are a golden baked bar with more fruit filling inside these are more cake like then biscuits i have even warmed them up and enjoyed with ice-cream for a after dinner treat the apple ones warmed up taste just like apple pie ( Lush ) they also come in strawberry for me these are a little too sweet ( the filling is a little like jam ? ) but Bodhi loves then, and have had them in his packed lunches. RRP £1.99 for x6 bars

Lastly we have the new cookie bites these are amazing and i am hooked, little bags of mini sized cookies in either white chocolate & raspberry or chocolate & orange the RRP is £1.99 for x6 bags these are perfect on the go snacks we took some with us to our local zoo last weekend and the whole family enjoyed them. Bodhi loves the chocolate & orange and always bugs me for them if i ask if he would like a snack! kids!!

So thank you Go-Ahead! my morning eating habits are much better now and we have found a range of snacks that as a family we all enjoy. 

( Items have been sent to be used for review , ALL words/views are that of my own ) 

Monday, 5 December 2016

5 year old boy stocking filler gift guide

Each year as Bodhi ( nearly five ) gets older i find it so much easier to buy for him, But this in its self is a problem as i don't want to over buy for man reason 1) Being an only child i don't want to spoil him with gifts 2) funds... money is tight few ££ there and here soon add up and i will not get into dept over Christmas 3) his birthday is at the end of January and we just don't have the space for piles of gifts.

so with this in mind we have chosen to with the help of father Christmas and the below mention brands keep Christmas low key this doesn't mean Bodhi won't have any thing to open come Christmas morning it just means I'm not buying items for the sake of it.

pipity activity books are a great buy at only £4.99 per book they will give your child hours of fun for long car rides/ aeroplane trips or on a rainy wet afternoon. We have the puppet show book aswel as games on the go, Both full of colouring / games and fun. you can also buy the activity case for £24.99  ( full review of this to come in the new year ) 

Next we have this amazing puzzle / game from laurenceking Story box is a create you own fairy tale with the aid of the puzzle. you get x20 puzzle parts for coming up with a range of stories. Bodhi loves to make up stories and to use his imagination so i know he will really enjoy this and so will i ! priced at £9.95 its a real bargain and a great gift idea for any child.

Another fun and family based game for his stocking is the TY domino game made by TACTIC This game is based on the classic domino's but in this version you have the mega cute TY beanie boos to match up on your cards. you can buy the game via amazon for £7.99 for ages 4+ this would then be a great game to get out to play as a family after Christmas lunch. 

The last item we have very kindly been sent for Bodhi is by interplay and its a craft/play kit you get all you need to create you own pencil pets we have the puppy pack but you can also get a cat version they also come in two different colour packs blue and pink ( as shown ) and also yellow & purple these would be great as a joint gift for siblings. They are £4.99 

Be sure to check out my youtube channel over the month of December as i am taking part in vlogmas ( uploading each day of the month ) you can see these items in more detail on day 2 along with a few other items i picked up for his stocking. 

Friday, 2 December 2016

What to buy for the family this christmas ( 2016 Christmas gift guide )

Buying for your family can be really hard ! budgets are tight and no one knows what they want ! so i have come up with a few ideas ( With the help of brand samples ) to help out others with a few ideas to suit a range of family members. 

Sisters / cousin / Niece 

These hair clips by linziclip ( Kids) are the perfect gift for the younger gift in your life this Christmas not only are they mega cute but also useful and such a smart idea you can buy them from amazon prices £4.50 upwards. 

Cat lovers / mum / aunts / nan / sister / friend / cousin 

Cat bingo! I can't wait to give this as a gift this Christmas as i KNOW any cat lover would be over the moon to open this on Christmas day it comes from laurence king for £19.95 ( also comes in Dog  /Bugs & Birds ) 

Sister / sister in law / mum / mother in law / aunts / friends

Linzclips also come in funky patters and bold colours perfect for teenagers and adults alike these can also be found on amazon for £4.50 upwards

Dad / father in law / uncles / brother / bother in law ( also in other girls so could also be used for female gifts ) 

Toiletries is the perfect gift for a family member who travels , the hard outer case keeps your items safe and clean while your travel,  check out the website to see the whole range of products. 

Family / cousins / nieces & nephews 

perfect family fun game by Tactic its has an RRP of £14.99 in an age when most children are watching TV or playing on the tablet its a lovely idea to gift a family sit down game. I really like that this game fun for the whole family not just for the children. buy it via amazon 


Now colouring books are such an in thing and no wonder why !! I love them, and this range from laurence king is amazing they have loads to pick and chose from , Secret garden £14.95 Creative cat £8.95 and tool shed £9.95 pair these with a pack on pencils and you've given a fab christmas gift. 

Children's friends  / cousins / nieces & nephews / 

Magformers are an amazing toy! I wish i had them when i was a child in a nut shell they are shapes with magnets that you can shape into lots of different sets to pick amazon seems to be the best place to pick them up, This space wow set is on for £33 but this price can change due to amazon. 

Well i hope this has given you a few ideas on gifts for the family this Christmas! i am now off to wrap them all up so no once can peek ! 

please pop over to my youtube channel as i am taking part in vlogmas and on day 8 i will have more details on these items in my video. 

Thursday, 1 December 2016

What to put in her stocking ? Gift ideas for her

A few things i would love in my stocking this christmas ! all items under £10 so perfect if your on a budget, ( items linked have been sent to me to use as part of this gift guide ) 

Toblerone - £1 poundland
Christmas hand soap - £1.49 pound stretchers 
#OOTD - £9.95 Laurence King publishing

we go out / we learn at home - £7.99 dung beetle learning
 Lego friends set 41112 - £4 sainsburys 
Hand & foot creams - £1 each sainsburys 

Ladies festive fun socks - £1 pound world
yankke candle - £1 each ( split from a 12 pack ) Asda
Personal frame £8.50 - parksidecrafts

Bic 4 colour pens - £1 sainsburys 
Linziclip - from £4.50 + amazon - linziclip

Be sure to check out my youtube channel for my daily uploads for Vlogmas -vlogmas playlist

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

whats changed? ( School drop off nightmare )

Being a 1st time mum is hard ... like really hard ! when they are young you have no clue what it is your meant to do doing. I thought i had it pretty much cracked with Bodhi he has always had such great range of speech so could always tell me what was wrong or what he needed.

When he started full time school in September 2016 he LOVED it ! he was a big boy in school uniform staying all day, having lunch, making friends, learning he was over joyed when he learnt to write word and read them back.

This was up until maybe 3 weeks ago..... that's when he all started... 

" mummy my tummy hurts " 
" I don't like school "
" children are mean to me " 
" I want to stay with you "
" I miss you " 

This has broken me as a parent. My happy brave and out going child has become the child who is crying his eyes out once the school gate is open, the other child now know to go in ( with out parents ) take coats off and to go into class, Bodhi .... he is clinging onto me for dear life begging me to take him home. I have spoken to his teacher and she tells me that he is 100% fine once he is in class its just getting him away from me and into class, We have sat down after school and had chats and its always something different to why he doesn't want to come to school ( this morning it was that his hands were cold )

I have tried bribes , praise , and tough love. nothing is working, When we get into the main playground he is fine running around playing with friends, As soon as his class gate opens he switches and becomes a wreck and then in turn so do i , Now part of me thinks he is doing it to make me feel guilty for sending him but on the other hand he is fine once i leave him ! its just so hard!! like really hard, i used to look at the parents of the crying children and think to myself " i couldn't cope with that " and i can't ! i dread the school run each morning and all day i keep my phone on loud in case the school phone me.

I have my fingers crossed that we crack this problem asap if anyone has any hints or tips PLEASE leave a comment i am willing to try anything ( this morning i was thinking of offering to help out at his school so he knew i was in the same building ?!?! )

I miss the Bodhi in this photo taken on his 1st day only a few months ago, If i was to have taken a photo of him this morning i would cry looking at it. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Making the most out of your Garden!

Our Garden has been a little un-loved over the last few months due to building work! But now the garden has pretty much been cleared we have had a new patio laid and the fences have been started.

When we moved into our house over five years ago the garden was a bit of a waste of space, a dull patio , 45 ft of grass and two huge trees. the plan was to cut down the tree at the back fence and to build a shed for hubby Chris but not just any kind of shed this was going to be a man-land heaven shed!

once the tree was cut down, it took my dad and Chris just over two weeks to build the shed , looking back on it we should have made shed a tiny bit smaller but hey it keeps the hubby happy! Chris will spend most of the summer evenings in this shed, He likes to make things from wood and has a huge pile of the stuff inside of the shed, the smaller side part houses the lawn mower and other garden type things. 

It is a lovely shed and when we had our house valued last year we was told to market it as a workshop and that it would be a plus point for a lot of viewers, We do have a garage but its in a block away from the house, so having this space even if it was just for the garden bits is a real plus point to any garden. 

We love spending at much time out in our garden as we can, with a young child its a great place to run around and play while being safe and close to home. we made Bodhi a small own space towards the back of the garden we turned a old flower bed into a wood chipping patch that was safe for him to play and dig and well just be a boy! He loves the space he has a sand pit and a fold away water table, we spent most afternoons out in the garden this summer and i am looking forward to spending more time as a family in our garden in summer 2017 

It is also wonderful to have a space to eat outside, we will soon have a new side patio to enjoy BBQ's with friends and family or just lazy weekend lunches on a rug on the grass. I feel its too easy to spend all of your time in the house , with my work i spend my time looking at my iMac screen so to have a space to work outside via my iPad would be lovely. 

The large cherry tree is staying in our garden ( for now ) i feel the garden would feel much larger without the tree and it would also be a lot less work , no leaves in the autumn and no blossom in the spring. but... Chris loves that tree and is sticking his heels in that it is staying. so we shall see on that one. 

I can't wait for my new patio to be finished along with the new fence, i love the fact that we have such lovely neighbours on both sides of our house so we have gone with 3ft fences and on one side we are putting in a jack & jill gate so the little boy next door and Bodhi can play. 

I think that Phil Spencer is a man who knows gardens , and this ideas in the above video are just what i am trying to do with our small space garden. I can't wait for spring 2017 so i can get out into the garden and get it all ready for a wonderful summer of play, relaxing and BBQ's

This post was a paid collaboration with Channel 4 all words and views are that of my own.