Thursday, 27 July 2017

Child sick day - how to look after your poorly child at home ( 1st time around )

When you are pregnant you can find so much information, from bump to birth and then on to toddler age you can find countless books, guides and helpful information. I have found that once your child gets to nursery age this help and information drys up! As a 1st time mum to a now 5 1/2 year old who is in full time school, i thought i would share my views/tips on all the things you will face 1st time !

Touch wood Bodhi hasn't really even been that poorly, He has had a few coughs and colds and a sickness bug once but now that he is at school he is picking up germs and seems run down, Last week he broke up from school and all was great until he was telling me it hurt to swallow and his neck hurt. He had a temp and wasn't himself at all. After a horrid night of him puking all over himself the bed and daddy! i took him to see the nurse. She told me that he has viral tonsillitis and his whole body was fighting the infection was he was pretty run down. She said lots of rest and fluids ( she did give me a prescription for antibiotic but said this might upset his tummy and make him more sick sick )

I kind of feel at a loss with how to handle him as he is too poorly to play and craft but he isn't wanting to sleep and rest, we are now on day two of "rest" and this is how I've been doing it.

1 - let them call the shots, if they want to go back to bed at 11am let them!

2 - same with food bodhi hasn't really eaten much from after being sick, little bit of toast and some soup was about all he wanted yesterday. As long as they are getting fluids don't sweat it too much remember how you've felt in the past when your poorly.

3 - the iPad/tv is your friend! so what if they watch 4 dvds one after the other!?!?

4 - If they car full of cold or stuffed up , try to get them to take a day time bath with the windows and door shut the steam will help , plus the warm bath will help with any pains or soreness ( plus they will stink )

5 - on the 1st night i put body to bed in his room as normal, but last night he slept in with me. now we only have a double bed so this wasn't ideal. so at 1:30 am i put him back in his bed as i hadn't got any sleep by this point, but i left both his and our doors open and the landing light on just in case.

6 - if you can rap a day time nap if they do , or once your partner comes home or if your single parent try and get help even if its 1/2 an hour to have a shower you'll feel x100 better for it.

7 - give them medicine ( ALWAYS read the label tho ) also hot water bottles can help if your child is in pain , Bodhi keeps saying his back hurts.

8 - try to remember it won't last forever !

is never nice seeing your child in pain or unwell and if your in any doubt about them take them to the doctors , phone 111 , get some advice. I now have a huge to do list for the rest of today as yesterday was spent cuddling the poorly one. I am also in search for something to keep my eye open with ( man i wish i drank coffee ) 

Saturday, 8 July 2017

#SoMuchMore ( combination Microwave Oven ) Panasonic NN-CS89

Last year we ripped out our whole kitchen ( when i say the whole kitchen i mean all of it ! I had nothing for over 4 months ) I felt like crying come dinner time with the lack of kitchen to make any kind of meal for my family. We had a kettle and basic microwave set up in our hallway but i have to admit we did get more then a few takeaways and lots of visits to family and friends for dinners with them. A basic microwave is pretty much for heating beans and ready meals, I wish we had thought of getting a Combination microwave oven while we did our kitchen, They are pretty much a mini oven that will take up next to no space and no need to be wired in so perfect for moving around when doing DIY work.

These combination ovens would also be a great idea for someone living in a small space studio flat or house sharing. I am very happy to say that we now have a fully working kitchen and i have a lovely range cooker to use. We are looking to upgrade our microwave and will be definitely looking more into the idea of getting a combination one to give even more cooking space.

The video below showcases a Michelin-starred chef cook a three course meal  using a Combination Microwave Oven ( Panasonic NN-CS89 ) As you will see in the short youtube video  40 guests was invited to London Tower Bridge for a 3 course meal cooked by Michelin-starred chef Tom Kitchin. Little did they know, their three course meal would be created solely using the Panasonic NN-CS894 Combination Microwave Oven. Tom served up fresh scallops cooked in their shell, crispy roast pork belly, and ginger sponge! You can find all of these delicious recipes and more at

This blog post was written in partnership with #SoMuchMore video campaign for a household electronics brand. All views ideas are that of my own. 

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Zoo / Farms to visit in herts / Beds & Bucks this summer

We love animals in our house, Chris and i even got married at Whipsnade Zoo in 2008 !! thinking of places to visit in our local area over the summer holiday i thought i would make this post to highlight some of our top five places to visit. ( In no order in ranking id like to add )

woodside Animal Farm

Location : Slipend - Bedfordshire 
Day ticket price : Adult £7 : Child £7 ( under 2 go free ) 
yearly pass : Adult £35 / Child (2-16) £45 Family ( any 5 members ) £145
best bits : Funfair rides ( april- August ) Crazy golf & indoor play
worse bits : small park , can be done in a few hours. take a picnic lunch and made a day of it. 

ZSL Whipsande Zoo

Location : Dunstable, Bedfordshire
Day ticket price : Adult £28 : Child (3-15) £20.35 ( under 3 go free ) 
yearly pass : adult £121 : child £81 : family ( 2 adults unto 5 children ) £303
best bits : Huge range of animals , daily shows , events , wide open spaces
worse bits : lots of walking ! food is on the expensive side. lots of picnic spaces tho we always take own food in. 

Woburn Safari Park

Location : Woburn park, Bedfordshire 
Day ticket price : Adult £22.99 : Child £15.99
yearly pass : adults £89.99 Child : £64.99 
best bits : Drive around and see the animals up close
worse bits : traffic can build up on busy days so make sure you go to the toilet before heading into the Safari. 

Mead open farm 

Location : Billington , Leighton Buzzard
Day ticket price : Adult £10.95 : Child £9.95 ( under 2 go free ) 
yearly pass : Adult £66 Child £63
best bits : Hands on bottle feed lambs, sheep racing , Indoor play 
worse bits : based much more around children 10 and under

Paradise Wildlife Park 

Location : Broxbourne, Hertfordshire
Day ticket price : Adult £19.80 : Child (2-15) £16.50
yearly pass Adult £85 Child (2-15) £70 Family ( 2 adults 3 children £300 ) 
best bits : huge range of animals that you can see up close, Train , indoor play 
worse bits : set over two parks, side with animals fewer food options.

These are all wonderful places to visit and a great family day out for all ages, we have visited all of these and will be going back many many times. Thank you for reading and any questions please leave me a comment.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

EvoShave - Fathers Day Gift Idea- * REVIEW*

Shaving is a daily chore for most of do , but it doesn't have to be one we put off! My husband Chris likes to think he can pull off a beard but to be very honest he really can't ! The whole family had to sit him down and tell him how much of a fool he looked. ** see photo ** So Thanks to his lovely new razor the beard was no more !! 

So when EvoShave got in touch asking if we wanted to review a fathers day designed razor i jumped at the chance. so if  your struggling for a last minute fathers day idea for him or looking for the perfect gift ides for the future. Evo Shave is a new concept razor that has a unique design, created to achieve a close shave with it’s smart designed Evogrip and dual edge cartridge, you can pick from a range of colours and even add images and text. We was sent the blue/green & Gray super dad design 

The idea is so simple behind the razor, The finger grip handle gives your more control and feel while shaving. Chris was very pleased with his overall shave using for the 1st time He did say that it felt strange on the 1st day as its a whole new way of holding the razor but as the days passed its become more and more natural and has reduced his overall shaving time. The bright colours and smart packaging make this an eye catching an fun product perfect for any man in your life. 

You can find out more about Evoshave by visiting the website and can be brought on line via eBay and amazon prices start from £4.99 for the single starter pack unto £24.99 for a pack of 3 handles and  x12 replacement blade packs, The single start packs comes with the single blade already fitted these can last for 2 weeks worth of shaving making them ideal for holiday use. 

Thank you to Evoshave for sending me these items to (make) Chris shave with, I will also be giving the other 2 starter packs to my dad & father in law as part of their fathers day gift. These items have been sent to me in exchange for this review but all views are that of my own. 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Having an ultrasound when not pregnant

I have a medical condition called Endometriosis , This in a nut shell means my body hates me and i pretty much always feel like that horrid 1st day of your period x10. I cramp i bleed i get a lot of pain and I'm always tired ( plus more stuff but this isn't about the endo well not really )

so what is this post about you ask? Well when you visit a doctor and they tell you that you need to come in for a ultrasound the 1st thought that pops into my head is

" But I'm not pregnant "

your appointment letter comes and if you have ever had an ultrasound for a pregnancy you will know the drill. Arrive with a full bladder and to not go to the toilet until after the scan. What your letter most likely won't tell you is that after you've had the scan with the jelly and knicker wetting pushing down on your rather full bladder you will then be told to go to the toilet ( Best wee ever! ) but then you have to go back and get naked from the waist down, The reason for this? well my friend you'll now be having a internal scan. But I've jumped ahead lets go back a little.

so you've got your letter and what a surprise it falls on a day when your working. Que the awkward conversation with your boss / HR about needing time off to go for a ultrasound. be ready for them to wonder if you have a bun in the oven as lets face it that is the 1st thing that everyone thinks of once they hear the words ultrasound. work is sorted and your lovely mum is going to drive you to the hospital as you know you'll be in pain afterwards and can't face the waiting room alone.

The appointment day rolls around and you down your 1 & 1/2 pints of water within minutes you are in need of the toilet but know better. you watch some TV and eat lunch to keep your mind off of the scan and your full bladder.

Once you arrive at the hospital you take a seat in the waiting room along side the pregnant ladies, Some sitting alone and others with family or partners. you'll feel like your waiting for your 12 week scan as your full bladder is given you a lovely little baby bump. But they know your not as you'll be the one without the Bounty folder. They will look at you and you can almost tell that they are trying to work out why else you would be waiting to be seen.

The Radiologist is lovely she will explain everything ( you don't have the heart to tell her that you've had 5/6 scans before not including the ones when you was pregnant ) You will lay on the bed and not look at the screen as you know your not going to see a baby. The idea of seeing a empty womb has always made me feel a little numb inside. The knowing that never again will i get to see a little blob on the screen and hear the heart beating. I am so lucky to have my son tho as i know many women who can't have any children. Then you leave to wee and return for the part you fear the most. The scan isn't as bad as you think but for someone with my problems its no walk in the park. You find a spot of the ceiling and you focus on that. You'll be asked questions about your pain and periods.

Once its all over you get dressed and leave knowing you'll have to wait to find out what was seen or not seem on the screen, part of you hopes they have picked up something on the scan and the other parts hopes not. But you know deep down that something isn't right inside of you, She pretty much told you this herself but you have to wait to speak with the doctor.

now for most this is a time of happiness waiting to get photos printed of the little bundle of joy growing inside of them, for me its time to reflect on what could be growing inside of my body unwanted and taking over my life. The endo cells grow like mould and can never really be fully cleared. they can burn it all away and this has helped in the past but it soon grows back, I wonder if i would be better off without my empty womb all it is doing is hosting a nesting ground for the endo to grow and twist and turn up my insides.

I am 30 years old with a 5 year old son. I would like to start having my life back now, So the next time you see someone who looks to have a baby bump just stop and think that baby bump could be period blot or a cyst she has growing inside of her. please don't assume that if someone is talking about needing to go to hospital for a ultrasound that this means they are pregnant.

I am now waiting for my MRI scan appointment. This i am bricking it about.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

my fairy garden - new website & product review

When i was a little girl i spent all of my summer holidays out playing in my garden or down the park with my older sister and friends, When i first saw products from my fairy garden ( made by interplay )  i wished they had something like this when i was the right age, so when given the opportunity to review a my fairy garden i jumped at the chance.

The website is amazing in its own right, with games, meet the fairies , a garden diary and then a page full of the items you can buy. Bodhi and i both took the which fairy are you quiz ( link to the fairy quiz ) Turns out I'm Heather and Bodhi is Blossom the site is full of fun games and make and do ideas. 

                                                                         I‘m Heather

‘Hi, Heather here… My home is really important to me as it is also home to wildlife. There is nothing I like better than going for walks in nature which usually ends up being great fun. My friends and I pick up litter which we wash and turn into treasure for our garden. I also love baking cakes for my friends on their birthdays. Autumn is a busy time of year for my family as we have lots to do to get ready for winter.’
I‘m Blossom
‘Hello, my name is Blossom. I have a spring birthday so this is my
favourite time of year. I love to sing and dance amongst the flowers.
I’m good at painting and making things for my garden. I like spring
because flowers start to grow and birds sing and lay eggs.’
We was kindly sent the grow & play fairy garden. You get a whole range of items to make your own garden perfect for indoors or outside play. The pack of grass seed is a lovely touch. We have gifted our garden to Bodhi's cousin who has just turned 8 and loves all things pink/fairies and anything girly. 

you can buy online for £14.99 this kit is the best seller, They also have many add on items such as packs of more fairies ( this one comes with Belle ) I am very much looking forward to helping out with the making of this set with Bodhi's cousin, Last summer Bodhi and i did a DIY Dinosaur garden i did hope he would want to play with this set himself but I'm sad to say my little boy is turned off by the "girly-ness" ( his words ) maybe a little boy elf is needed to join the group? 

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Baker Ross Review ( Spring / Easter / Mothers day crafts )

Bodhi & I are very lucky to be apart of the Baker Ross bloggers Team, we were recently sent some items to review from the Baker Ross Spring Range.

Spring has some many great crafting inspiration dates such as mothers day / Easter / spring flowers / lambing, I love spring and seeing the back of the long cold winter each year we put up an Easter tree and decorate for the event we have been kindly sent the Easter bunny train kit to test out and i will be filming our make of this a little closer to Easter. 

Bodhi was really keen to make the super mum kit so we got stuck in you get everything you need in the kit bar glue ( not really an issues tho is it ? ) 

The kit comes with enough to make x6 mum magents and i for one think that its great that you get a range of skin tones and hair colours for the mums i let Bodhi pick 1st for his ' mum ' and i also made one to give as a little gift to a special mum friend. 

all of the parts apart from the capes come with peal off backing so they are foam stickers ( this is why you need glue for the cape ) its very simple to follow the idea from the packaging to create your own supermum the whole crafting time was only around ten minutes 

I could have left Bodhi to it while he was busy making it a perfect time to pop dinner in and unload the dishwasher. once Bodhi had finished making we glued the capes onto both of our mums and that was that, The yellow haired mum is now living on my kitchen fridge holding up the latest party invite. The kits come in a pack of six  ( £3.95 ) or you can buy in bulk with a x30 costing £18 these would be ideal for nursery/school/playgroups for mothers day makes we are going to use the x4 that our left for card making for mothers day. 

After we had packed away Bodhi wanted to do some more arts & crafts so we started off our creative colouring flower wreaths these come in a pack of six for £2.50 and i am a little bit in love with these and very much looking forward to putting these up around the house once they are all coloured in. 

The website has a huge range of products from kits like these shown to bare craft items such as foam sheets / card i really do feel that spending some screen free time with your child is key to a happy family life i really enjoy getting the colours out and sitting at the table with Bodhi. 

Thank you once again to Baker Ross for our box of items.