Monday, 22 August 2016

kao kao club petz Review

We love all things cute, cuddly and animals so when we had the chance to review another animal from the club petz range how could i say no? This time we was sent out our very own baby koala bear named Kao-Kao. As you can see from my youtube Bodhi was over the moon with his new 'pet' and couldn't wait to look after her and to take care of her. 

She is a interactive bear has a built-in sensor and makes a noise when you enter the room. You can feed her  a eucalyptus branch and she’ll smell them and then and them have a nibble.  She loves her bottle, she can get the hiccups A few pats on the back will make her burp! Bodhi loves this Give her a cuddle and stroke her head or back this  will make her fall asleep.
• Sensor technology so he makes a noise when you enter the room
• Interacts and makes noises with food and bottle
• Able to get hiccups and burp
• Falls asleep from stroking head/Back 

You can buy Kao-Kao from most online toy stores or amazon and the RRP is £49.99 this may seem like a high price, But the toy its self is huge ( as you can see in the photos ) and will give your child hours of play and fun. If Bodhi had asked for this toy it would have been saved for a main Christmas gift or birthday. You will need x4 AA batteries for play and you can turn Kao-Kao off when not being used. Bodhi loves her as i knew he would and she is very well looked after. This is a great toy for families that can't keep pets due to what ever reasons and it also really promotes image/ Role play ideas. Bodhi loves to play koala family and uses Kao-Kao as is baby sister ( Yes i am mummy koala ) 

Thank you once again to IMC toys for sending us this product to review and keep. 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Review #Serenz - allergy relief

I love the summer, the longer days , Lighter nights , Good (ish) weather and up until 2012 i also loved the range of summer flowers, This was all until the summer of 2012 after having Bodhi in the January many people told me that my body would change after having a child but the one thing i never excpected was hay fever! I get it so bad my eyes are itchy my nose streams and its just horrid ! I am one of those people who really dis-like taking tablets and i often find that over the counter hay fever tablets make me so spaced and drowsy its unreal. When i was asked to review Serenz allergy relief i knew it was something for me.

serenz allergry relief comes in a nasal spray to help relieve the nasal allergy symptoms such as itching, sneezing, congestion and runny noses by using carbon dioxide to cleanse the nasal passage.

Once i opened the box i have to say i was pretty shocked by the sizes of the dispenser its around palm size and will provide 40 10 second cleanses, this equal to 20 cleanses for each nostril. 

I am a little bit of a baby when it comes to doing nasal sprays or eye drops and i often have to get hubby to do them for me, But i was a big brave girl in using the serene, 

you 1st have to activate the dispenser by using the blue key in the bottom and turning it, this only needs to be done once and its advised that you activate just before your 1st use as once activated its recommended to use the dispenser within 30 days. 

Its made clear in the how to use guide that you shouldn't inhale or breather through your nose while using serenz,  As this is not an inhaled product, to also stand upright and to not pinch or obstruct the other nostril. 

Only use when required ( this can be up to 6 times a day ) To provide rapid relief , I was happy to learn it is a non-drowsy product and should start working within minutes of use. My eyes and nose did ting a little when i 1st used serenz , but looking back on the leaflet this is a normal experience and it only lasted a matter of seconds 

I used Serenz for my 1st time before we went to a trip to our local park, and i am happy to say i had little to no symptoms while we was out and we even walked passed a garden having the grass cut , This would normally have my eyes puffed up like a goldfish and my nose streaming. I really felt like to kept my hay fever symptoms at bay. 

You can buy Serenz allergy dispenser online with the homepage for £17.90 the RRP is £19.90

( I was sent the Serenz allergy relief dispenser for the purpose of this review and have been compensated for my time , All opinions are 100% my own ) 

Friday, 12 August 2016

Mum Rant & Mumguilt

** This blog post is a mum rant **

So..... today is Friday , its been a long long week ! My 1st week back at work after 2 weeks off on holiday , trying to sort out house stuff ( planning building work ) and also we are in the middle of the summer holidays and every morning Bodhi is asking if he is going to school today.

Flash forward to 11 am , I have spent the morning doing emails, editing and blog stuff in-between playing trains and other games with Bodhi. Once my work is done ( well not done but Im starting to get a headache and mum guilt is creeping in ) So off we go for a trip to our local town for some time at the park then to pick up some new books from the library.

All is going well , The park is full of children of Bodhi's age so he is off having fun playing, I let him have 1/2 an hour play time then off to the library we go, Once we get inside we find they have an arts and craft table out so we sit down and have some craft time, Another 1/2 an hour passes and he pick out 2 new books to take home.

Walking back to the car that is parked in morrisons i tell Bodhi that i just need to pop in for a few bits and he could pick a treat for us to have with our lunch. All is well he picked out a pack off muffins and i picked up what else i needed. Now Bodhis is having a sleepover at my parents this weekend as we are away at a wedding , So i suggested he could pick a bag of sweets to take to share at the sleepover. He picked a bag a sweets and everything was fine UNTILL ! I wanted to look at the smaller bags of sweets and i told Bodhi i would just be a moment , He said this was fine. Then he started grabbing all of the small packets and putting them into the basket. I told him to put them back as i was just looking , He didn't in fact he put more in the basket. I used my best grown up mum voice ( few other people looking at me ) that if he didn't listen to me and put them back i would and i was also put back his bag of sweets for the sleepover.

can you guess what happened?

He didn't listen ! so i put all of the sweets back and said it was time to go to the tills ( still had the muffins tho ) Bodhi has a full on toddler hissy fit ! Screaming, crying , stamping this feet the works. he is now grabbing at the sweets like a mad man so i pretty much carry him to the tills and i can feel everyone eyes on me and my screaming son.

Once at the till he is still screaming and trying to pull away from me to go back for sweets, I explain why i put them back and that he isn't going to be having any. He still is crying and shouting at me for sweets. I can feel everyone is pretty much looking at my right now. So i stand my ground and tell him no. Once i have put the few items on the belt he is still on one. I tell him he needs to calm down or i will also put back the muffins. i let go of his hand so i can get my shopping bag out of my bag. He runs off, I grab him before he can get far and i tell the check out lady that i no longer want my muffins.

Oh dear god , Bodhi starts up again full on screaming about the muffins begging the worker for them, and she looks at me and says " why don't you just let him have them love " why? WHY??? ill tell you why because he will never ever learn and I am not going to let him bully me into it.

I buy my items and go to leave, she them says to Bodhi ( Who is still sobbing ) " poor little thing " poor him ?? poor me more like everyone looking at me like I'm worlds worst mother , Like i haven't just spent over an hour with him playing and doing fun things for him, Im the bad guy as I'm not giving in to his screams. i think not lady !!

The 10 minute drive home Bodhi is screaming at me things like " i hate you " " worlds worse mum " " never speak to me again " So i turned up my radio and zoned him out.

Once home i told him to go and have a lay down and to come back down when he was Bodhi again and less like a goblin. 15 minutes of sobbing and him talking to his cuddly toys he comes down and asks me

" Are we still friends mummy? "

and yes we are still friends , And i hope next time he will listen just a tiny bit more to me. To all the parents who feel like they are the bad guy for saying no... your not ! what good would it have done me or him if i'd let him come home with a bag of sweets??

Pointless blog post. But i feel better now.

Rant over.

Kiddylicious the perfect holiday snack

A family summer holiday can often be stressful in the planning and before having a child i would never have thought to take snacks away with me to enjoy while i was away, Children's tastes are all different and so are the snacks you can buy. We spend our summer holidays in the south of Spain and i have struggled with what to buy that isn't full of sugar and will keep in the heat. We are huge Kiddylicious fans and they are Bodhi's go to snack while we are out and about so i knew i wanted to take these away with us this year. 

We took a range of snacks that we was very kindly sent to enjoy and Bodhi was soon tucking into a bag of veg straws on the aeroplane, We all really enjoyed these and they got shared about with cousins and nanny & granddad as well , We did all agree tho that these would be even better with a dip ! 

While we was away we spent the day out at the local zoo, Knowing i had a few snacks in the boy for the boys was great as the only thing the zoo had on offer was ice creams 

Bodhi and his cousins enjoyed having a little rest in the shade and shared a bag of the new pea snaps, The older boys loved the fruit wriggles and didn't believe me when i told them that they are made from fruit ! Just goes to show that " children " snacks don't have to only be for younger children to enjoy.

We also enjoyed lots of time playing in the pool and the boys spent ages playing with the balloons in the pool ( only used for play not at a float ) As we all know everyone is always hungry after a swim so once again i brought out a few bags of snacks for the boys that they enjoyed pool side ( granddad does have a strict no food in the pool rule but after seeing how mess free and nicely the boys ate these he didn't mind )


What would a week to Spain be without a trip to the beach we went pretty much every afternoon, one of the things i like most about the kiddylicious snacks is that they are in single serving sizes so no messing about just grab and go, The boys didn't seem to mind the added sand ! 

You can pick up Kiddylicious in supermarkets , on line and in Boots stores They are often on deals i would strongly suggest these as your go to snack for taking away on holiday this summer or even on days out within the UK 

As always Kiddylicious gets a big two thumbs up from myself and Bodhi 
you can check out the range of snacks on the website ( Bodhi loves the  smoothie melts ) 

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Tips for packing Hand luggage with a four year old

As our flight is only 2 1/2 hours long and Bodhi has done it for the last 3 years i thought that i could trust him to pack his own hand luggage , I think that he did pretty well i did have to take out a few bits and bobs and I've also popped in some spare clothes ( Just in case ) 

Top tips for packing hand luggage with a child. 

* In the run up to your holiday go shopping once without your child and once with 

* When your alone have a look at options and ideas so once you take your child with you , you can guide them into picking the items you would have picked while shopping solo ( This tip also works with Husbands!! ) 

* Let them pick out a magazine before hand , the more free gifts the better! The "summer" themed magazines all seem to be around the £3.99/£4.99 mark and i was pretty shocked by this when other months the same magazines are £2.75/£3 so tip for myself for next year is to buy a few magazines before summer season hits

* pack snacks ( you know what your child likes ) I have taken a few items out of multi packs and the rest have gone into the suitcase these are also great for days out as some places abroad doesn't really sell snacks that your child is used to in the UK ( We have packed from the Kiddylicious range ) 

* Like i said pack spare clothes either to change into once you land or in case of any accidents 

* pads of paper/stickers/felt tips are all great ways to pass the time while in flight

* If all else fails let you child play on your phone / iPad / tablet ( It isn't the best but if it keeps them happy and stops them moaning who really cares??? ) 

So we are off ! no uploads while i am away , I will make up for it once i am home. 

Bye guys 

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Perfect summer picnic check list

No better way to spend a day in the summer holidays then by having a picnic, We often pack one for days out to keep costs down on a day out as a family, The whole event of a picnic should be something to celebrate and lets face it we don't get much of a summer so lets make the most of it ! 

Doesn't matter if its a picnic in your garden at home or in some lovely woodlands , As long as your with the right people and know what to pack you'll have a great time. 

Picnic check list 

Potty ( not all picnic locations will have toilets near by ) 
Picnic basket or cool box
Disposable plates & cups
Baby wipes ( not just for babies! ) 
Rubbish bags 
Drinks ( take a flask with hot water for teas/coffees ) 
Picnic food ! ( A given really no? ) 
Ice packs ( no one wants a hot pork pie come lunch time ) 
Sun cream & hats
Umbrella ( incase of rain but also good for shade on hot days ) 
Money for the ice cream van ( doesn't matter that treats you pack for pudding the kids will ALL want a 99 from the ice cream van, And so will you ) 

We have a whole host of local places we plan to visit over the summer holidays places such as our local zoo, woodlands, splash park , flying kites up over the downs, play dates with friends at the park and lots more just in the garden. I hope you all have a lovely summer and get to enjoy a few picnics yourself. 


Saturday, 23 July 2016

colour mixing with twinkl

I often hear parents/teachers and other bloggers talking about Twinkl and i have to admit i had no clue what it was they were going on about ! so i do what anyone does now and i googled them. I was so pleased i did as i have uncovered a HUGE source of primary resources this will be such a game changer for over the summer holidays it has everything from projects/maths/English/the arts pretty much anything you can think of they will have a resource on it.

for my 1st twinkl project i wanted to start small as to not overwhelm 4 year old Bodhi so we went off the theme of the weeks homework from nursery ( yes my son gets homework once a week from school ) This week it was all about colour mixing. All i did was log on to my free twinkl account ( you can also pay for a higher level of account and i will be looking to do this after holiday ) I typed in colouring mixing and lots of ideas with work sheets popped up.

The 1st ones i printed was the colour mixing record sheets and also the colour mixing display posters. Bodhi really enjoyed working out what colours he would need to put together to make a different colour he told me it was a little bit like arty maths!


Once he understood the rules of colour mixing and how it all worked we next printed off the paper towel colour mixing , Awe & wonder science activity. Bodhi is a huge lover of science so i knew this would keep him interested in the project. The sheet was simple to follow and very clear. We worked together and soon had it all set up and watched the colours meet on the towel and change colours.


We then also added some white carnation flowers into cups of yellow / blue & red dyed water and after a few days the white flowers had turned into the colours from the water . I would love to try this again with white roses with the steams cut and placed into two colours to see if we could get them to mix like the paper towels did.

We had a lovely time doing our ' homework ' and Bodhi was so happy telling his teachers all about what he had learnt, I have lots more ideas booked in for over the 6 weeks holidays now thanks to twinkl. Happy learning everyone.